We Embrace Technology!

At Risk Training Solutions we are extremely passionate about using technology to improve our training delivery. We absolutely embrace the value that technology adds to our services. For this reason we have established a partnership with awarding winning simulator games development company, Digisoft. Together with DigiSoft we have developed simulator games in various industries, ranging from serious games to full blown training simulations.


Among the software systems that Digisoft is currently developing for us, is a cloud-based health and safety audit system, learner management system, E Learning system, as well as an upgrade on our sales management system.

Most of these systems are in continuous development and based on our client needs. This is GOOD NEWS for our existing clients, because this means we listen to what our clients want and then we actually act on it. Furthermore, we are liberal thinkers, so we believe in offering most of our custom developed systems free of charge to our clients for a limited period, while it is in the “beta” phase, meaning that the system is still in development and might have a “glitch” here and there that needs to be fixed.

What are we developing at the moment?

DigiSoft is currently developing a simulator game that focuses on general safety in the workplace. The simulator game is based on the outline from the department of labour and the projected launch date is February 2019. The simulator game will be similar to a typical first person type game and will require that the player do a safety inspection of a workplace area. For more information about the simulator game, please feel free to contact DigiSoft.

This is a win-win for you, the client, as well, as us, your Safety Training Provider. It gives us the opportunity to improve the system, based on client input, so by the time these systems become membership based and you have to start paying for it, you can be sure to have a system that works like a well-oiled machine.